Large-scale Ground-mounted Solar Power Station

Large-scale ground-mounted solar power station can be built in the areas such as beaches, desert, and suburb-area, etc. The projects built in west part of China merge the development of solar power, desertification control and water-saving agriculture together. Installing the saving drip irrigation system and planting the ground cover plant under the PV modules, to realize both economic benefit and ecological benefit.
System Features
1. The installed capacity reaches the megawatt level. The power station will be connected to the public grid and undertake the mission of power supply.
2. Modular design and device matching tremendously enhance the reliability of the system as well as the convenience of maintenance.
3. The reliability of the system can be assured by the cloud service platform of big data and remote monitoring by expert management.
4. Depending on the full electric industrial chain, the one-stop solution can be well provided.
system chart