Residential Solar System

Residential solar system usually built on the rooftop or in the courtyard. The generated power can be directly utilizing by families, while the redundant power can be connected to grid. The government carries out preferential policy specifically for the residential system due to the green and energy-saving benefits. Besides, power grid companies have introduced several advanced services for residential system such as green channel for applying and agency for the record. The abatement effect and insurance of income on investments of residential solar system are proofed to be reliable and stable.
System Features
1. Smaller installed capacity, easier process of grid-connected, higher subsidies, better income.
2. Diversified system solution can fulfil different needs as well as the customized system design.
3. Extending the service life of rooftop, enhancing the heat insulation, making the appearance more beautiful.
4. Total solution makes whole system more stable, reliable and reasonable. .
5. Optimized product structure, simplified installing process.
6. Monitoring system with expert management, complete functions, 24/7 hotline service, mobile internet service.
7. The quality guarantee of entire system
system chart